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10X16 Shed Plans – What You Should Know Before Building Your Shed

10×16 shed plans are useful in helping you to construct a sizable shed. You have acquired a lot of stuff and you probably have run out of space to store them. But instead of storing them all over the house and in your yard you’re better off building a storage shed. Many people find that they need extra storage and a 10×16 shed is the perfect solution.

Why should you go with a 10×16 shed?

A 10×16 shed is roomy and can store all the stuff for a family of six as well as hold all six people comfortably. This size shed is perfect for family nights together as well as hosting a game with friends. It is not too expensive either and is certainly within most do-it-yourself builder’s budget.

A 10×16 shed is large enough to store all your tools, the kids toys, your lawnmower and even other stuff you have lying around. It is not too large that it would take up too much space in your yard but not too small as to not be convenient enough.

Should you go with a pre-built or build your own?

You could go with a pre-built shed, hire a carpenter to build one or you could buy the materials, get a plan and build one yourself. However, buying one is very expensive and may not be to your liking. Carpenters are very expensive and this option too may be out of your budget. A 10×16 shed plan is the best choice if you are the do-it-yourself type of person.

Choices, choices

There are two types of sheds available in the 10×16 plan. The plans are different for each so choose carefully based on your needs. There is the gable shed type and the gambrel type. The gable type has a single angled roof while the gambrel has two angled roof. The two angled roof stores more stuff in the top portion of the shed.

Begin the project

You want to secure the location of the shed and make sure it is a convenient location and out the way. Make sure when rain fall the area doesn’t get flooded since you’ll want to keep your stuff safe.

You may find that you need to get a construction permit in your county. You may be required to show the county’s office your 10×16 shed plans. Inquire to find out if that’s the case. You don’t want to start the project and then realize you’ve got to pay a fine because you didn’t get a permit for your project.

Once you’ve got the permit in place you’ll have to order the materials so that you can begin the project. You’ll want to go to a large hardware store to get a cheaper price rather than shopping at your local hardware store. Remember you want to finish the project on schedule and on budget.

Your 10×16 shed plans should give you all the instructions needed to build a useful shed. You’ll be proud of yourself and your product once it is complete.

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