Saturday , December 16 2017
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A little video showing what I carry around in my tool bag from job to job. With these tools you should be able to get most things done! whether it’s hanging a door, pulling up floor boards or building a wardrobe. Most of the gear in this video is my …

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How to Cut Ornate Mouldings – Trim Carpentry

-WHAT’S NEXT? CHECK OUT MY STORE! (link below) -We have a supply of CA glue that I use in my videos! -We also have shirts and stickers! -Every purchase made at the store helps support these videos! Thank you Click 1:05 if you want to skip the evil boss skit. …

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What projects are in The Weekend Woodworker? And more FAQ

In this live show, I’m answering the most common questions about my new course, The Weekend Woodworker. To join the course head over to Have you now stopped doing YouTube videos? Why didn’t you mention it would cost something earlier? What projects will be in the course? What tools will …

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Welcome to the Vintage Workshop

This is my first video to my new channel, The Vintage Workshop. I’m just introducing myself, and showing some of the upcoming and ongoing projects inside my workshop. I hope you subscribe and enjoy the channel! source

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