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How to be a Better Woodworker

I’ve long had the belief that those wins that were hardest fought have the sweetest taste. Woodworking is no different. It is an Art and Skill that takes time to master, Once Mastered however it will endure over the lastest fandangled tool or shiney machine. Many times we get caught up in the maelstrom of marketing media promoting the latest and greatest of the most recent must have jigger or whatsé’me’-call-it. Causeing us the consumer to lose sight of the fact that although all these wizz banged things can do a job Sadly in many cases (not all) they do so at the expense of the skill of the woodworker. This was brought home to me with a thud last week as I contemplated how I was going to dress a certain piece of timber which I wanted to unilise in an upcoming commission. Here is my experience and the thoughts and results which ensued. Cheers Steve

Opening introduction and licks by Justin Johnson
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